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500 ML - Happy Ganga Floor Cleaner - 50 Mop Cycles

500 ML - Happy Ganga Floor Cleaner - 50 Mop Cycles

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Thank you for taking your first step in cleaning your home responsibly. Happy Ganga products are made with 100% Natural ingredients to keep all of the chemicals away from your home.

Directions for Use:
Dilute 10 ml of Happy Ganga floor cleaner in 1/2 bucket of water. Let it sit for 15 minutes (typical time taken for sweeping and dusting). Use to mop the floor.
Precautions: Keep out of the reach of children.

Quantity: 500 ML/Bottle

Contents: Water, Jaggery, Lemons and Oranges,  Natural fragrance, and 90 Days of Process

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1. Reduces allergens at home by keeping it Chemical-free & toxin-free
2. The dirty water after mopping or washing utensils when poured into drains can make them smell fresh in 15 days, eliminating Chemical air fresheners
3. Happy Ganga's probiotics have great potential in river cleaning. It requires a revolution that starts with You. When we as a society team up and use Happy Ganga's Probiotic Cleaners, we contribute to river cleaning.

Other Applications

Happy Ganga's Probiotic cleaners can also be used for
1. Sanitizing surfaces, such as door handles, railings, etc.
2. Cleaning or wiping kids' toys and potty seats
3. Pouring Well-diluted dirty water after mopping in plants, once in 14 days helps in better growth
4. Use Happy Ganga's Dishwash liquid to clean your kitchen counter and roll rotis directly on them without the fear of ingesting residual chemicals

15 Days Challenge

Happy Ganga not only cleans your home, but cleans your drain also. So, here's our challenge!

If you use Happy Ganga's Probiotic cleaners everyday for 15 days and pour the dirty water in the same drain, your drain, be it in your kitchen or a bathroom will start smelling fresh!

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