Frequently Asked Questions

What is a probiotic cleaner?
A probiotic cleaner is made by fermenting citrus along with jaggery and water in the ratio of 3:1:10 over a period of 90 days and filtered. This is a base product, wherein the bacteria get activated when mixed with water and live for a period of 5 days. During the 5 days lifetime, this bacteria multiplies in billions and helps in breaking down dirt and germs very effectively.

Will Jaggery make my floors and vessels sticky?
Sticky surfaces are not clean surfaces. We promise you immaculately clean surfaces 🙂

How can cleaning homes clean the rivers?
The bacteria in Happy Ganga's probiotic cleaner gets activated when mixed with water and live for a period of 5 days. Any household does cleaning and pours the dirty water down the drain. The active bacteria cleans all places that it goes through starting from the drains until the nearest lake or river that it reaches in the period of 5 days.
The cleaning of lakes and rivers will come to light faster when we as a community make a shift to Happy Ganga's probiotic cleaners

Is the bacteria in the probiotic cleaner safe for my kids?
We are only 43% humans and the rest we are filled with Microbiomes. Some of the bacteria are good, which are called probiotic and some bad, called pathogens. The bacteria in curd is probiotic, which is good for digesting food. As kids, we were asked not to mix it with hot food, just to ensure the bacteria was alive and did its job well. Similarly, the probiotic bacteria is completely safe for older people, adults, kids and pets alike.
Disclaimer - We do not recommend internal consumption of our products.

What happens when my pet licks a surface freshly mopped with Happy Ganga?
We hope you got most of the answers to the previous question. The floors and other surfaces are definitely much safer than what a toxic chemical would leave behind. We would strongly recommend cuddling your pet and having a great day!

What is Being Good - Doing Good Badge?
Every family is "being good" to themselves in order to avoid toxic chemicals and bring in Happy Ganga's Probiotic Cleaner, they are also "doing good" to the rivers and the environment as a whole!

What makes the dishwashing liquid thicker and frothy, as compared to the floor cleaner?
We promise, No added Chemicals! In order to make dishwash liquid more viscous, we have added Xanthum gum. We have also added a Coconut-based surfactant in order to make it fit for cleaning vessels.

Can I add the probiotic cleaner to water in the night and use it next day?
Yes! You will have an army of bacteria fully charged and waiting to fight dirt and germs in the surfaces you clean. Please remember these bacteria live only for 5 days, so kindly discard any left over water after 4 days.

What are the other applications for Happy Ganga's probiotic Cleaner?
Your home is your playground. Please play around with its uses, sanitise any surface and most importantly #HappyGanga and let us know. For now, start off with floors, vessels, kitchen counter, door handles, railings and kids toys.