Happy Ganga

Our Mission

is to promote "Healthy Families & Happy Rivers" through 100% Natural Cleaners, which are also Probiotic.
Probiotic, in simple terms is Bacteria that does GOOD for humans, plants and animals. Basically, good for the Planet.
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Our Secret Sauce

Is No Secret!!!

Happy Ganga's Cleaners are 100% Natural and are made of 4 Simple ingredients:
1. Water, we use it responsibly avoiding any form of wastage.
2. Jaggery, I am sure you are surprised, don't worry it constitutes 8% of the cleaner and repels ants and insects
3. Lemons and Oranges or Roses, constitutes 25% of the cleaners making them a very powerful cleaning agent
4. Hard work, it takes a lot of patience for 90 Days and meticulous work to make the simple ingredients into a magical Probiotic Cleaner

The Story of

How it all Started

Our founder Priya, went on a thirth yatra with her family. Her son who was just 5 years old, took a few sips of water from a sacred river as was customary. He came down with illness and had to be hostpitalised for almost 3 weeks. It was traumatising and she vowed to clean the rivers. Her search to make a sustainable impact on the rivers led her to the discovery of Probiotic Cleaners.
For once, Being Good to yourself by choosing a non-toxic and chemical free cleaner is Doing Good to the Rivers!
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