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Every bottle of Happy Ganga is a testament to the idea that progress and environmental care can go hand in hand.

How Priya Barath (Founder of Happy Ganga) is Revitalising Our Environment with Happy Ganga Probiotic Cleaning!

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Cruelty Free


Natural Ingredients

Non- Toxic

Made in India

Happy Ganga is your 1OO% Probiotic cleaner, that works like the good bacteria in your gut. They are good for humans and pets, but bad for germs and dirt. They live for 5 days, cleaning not just homes, but the drain and rivers too.


Happy Ganga floor cleaner is special because of its wonder ingredient, “The Bio-Enzyme.”

The probiotic ingredient contains the “good” bacteria which eats the “bad” bacteria/dirt/chemicals/soil etc. present on our floors and leaves it fresh and chemical free. 100% natural floor cleaner made of –

Lemon Peels



Edible fragrance

Happy Ganga is doing miracles much like a Genie in a bottle

wish 1 Immaculate floors and dishes with no chemical residues from day 1

wish 2 Cleaner and fresh smelling drains, notice the difference in 15 days

wish 3 Clean and Happy Rivers, help us expand our community to see the difference soon!