Dancing in the Rain? Hygiene Hacks to Stay Fresh in Monsoon

Monsoon showers contribute to approximately 80% of annual rainfall in the Indian subcontinent. source

Hello, rain lovers! Monsoon is here, bringing the promise of rain, new life, and a much-needed escape from the summer heat and humidity. But guess what? It’s not just us humans who adore this season – plants, animals, bacteria, and even viruses are having a ball during this rainy fiesta! While we can’t resist splashing in puddles, dancing in the rain, or relishing fresh fruits on the go, we gotta admit, it’s not all fun and games. Monsoon might be a natural beauty, but it can also be a bit sneaky when it comes to our health. That’s right, many of us tend to fall sick during this time. Viral fever, cough, and cold become our unwanted guests.

But hey, don’t worry! We’ve got your back with some pro tips to keep you fighting fit during this monsoon season. So, if you find yourself falling ill every monsoon, it’s time to break that cycle and get back on the healthy track. We’ve prepared a list of ways to safeguard your well-being during the rainy days – because a happy monsoon is a healthy monsoon!

  • Avoid Street Food

It’s time to think twice before indulging in those tempting snacks on the streets. The thing is, the streets and potholes filled with water and mud create the perfect environment for pesky germs to thrive. When these munchies are exposed to the open air for too long, they can get infected with unwanted germs and diseases. This is why in monsoon – avoiding street food and opting for home-cooked options can go a long way in keeping you healthy. Remember, a little caution now can save you from falling ill later. So next time you crave that mouthwatering street food, consider going for a home-cooked alternative instead. Your tummy will thank you! 

  • Store Kitchen Supplies in Airtight Containers

A simple yet super important tip for a hygienic monsoon season – storing your kitchen supplies in airtight containers. As the rain pours and the humidity rises, we know that our kitchen can become a breeding ground for unwelcome guests – like moisture-feeding bacteria and pesky insects. But using airtight containers can keep your ingredients safe and sound! On top of that, this not only extends the shelf life of your goodies but also ensures that you’re cooking with ingredients that are clean and hygienic. From grains and lentils to spices and snacks, trust those airtight wonders to keep everything in tip-top shape!

  • Use Mosquito Repellent and Destroy Breeding Grounds for Mosquitoes

One of the peskiest issues of monsoon is mosquitos! These tiny terrors have the power to turn our happy monsoon vibes into a buzzkill. Don’t forget to apply mosquito repellent to protect yourself from pesky mosquito bites whenever you step outside. Also, make sure to cover open water storage, drains, pots, and vessels because they can be mosquito breeding grounds. So, let’s show these little buzzers who’s the boss.

  • Increase Vitamin C Intake

Monsoon is that time of the year when pesky viruses and bacteria are just waiting to hamper your health. Viral fevers, allergies, and other infections make rounds but boosting your immunity is the key to keeping those nasty bugs at bay. And guess what? Increasing your Vitamin C intake is one of the easiest and yummiest ways to do it! So load up on sprouts, fresh green veggies, and those juicy oranges as they’re bursting with Vitamin C goodness.

  • Chemical-free Home with Probiotic Cleaning

Let’s talk about creating a chemical-free and healthy home environment with the magic of probiotic cleaning! During the monsoon season with rain pouring outside, we want our homes to be cozy and inviting but pesky germs and bacteria can make themselves at home too and cause a musty monsoon smell. That’s where probiotic cleaning comes to the rescue! Unlike traditional cleaning products loaded with harsh chemicals, probiotic cleaners are charged with good bacteria that fight off the bad ones. By opting for probiotic cleaning, you not only ensure a chemical-free home but also create a healthier environment for your loved ones, including pets.

And here’s the cherry on top – some probiotic cleaners like the Happy Ganga Floor Cleaner and Dish Wash Liquid, not only clean your home effectively but are also eco-friendly. Happy cleaning with Happy Ganga!

  • Get Adequate Sleep

Those late-night work hours or erratic sleeping patterns can compromise your immunity, making you more susceptible to flu and cold-like symptoms during the monsoons. But fret not! With a little sleep magic, you can give your immunity a boost, and don’t let the rain dampen your workout spirit. Always remember that a good night’s sleep and regular exercise are like superpowers for our health.

Let’s embrace this beautiful monsoon season with open arms while taking extra care of ourselves. After all, a little love for our health goes a long way! ❤️