The Ganga River Contributes More Than 40% of India’s GDP but Unfortunately, It Remains Heavily Polluted!

The world’s ten most populous river basins will account for almost a quarter of global GDP by 2050, according to research by Frontier Economics and HSBC.

The Ganga River is India’s beloved treasure, capturing the essence of our nation’s spirit. It’s not your ordinary river; it’s a symbol of love and devotion. Originating from the awe-inspiring Himalayas, it gracefully winds its way through five states in the northern plains. Eventually, it embraces the Bay of Bengal, passing through the enchanting Sunderbans Delta, a haven for the largest mangrove system on our beautiful planet. Along its epic 2,500-kilometer journey, this beloved river showers abundant blessings upon vast stretches of fertile farmland, nurturing the very lifeblood of countless towns and cities.

Just to visualize the sheer magnitude of the majestic Ganga basin, it stretches across a sprawling 860,000 square kilometers and spans 11 states. It’s a bustling hub of life, home to over 600 million people—almost half of India’s population! And to blow your mind further: this very region generates over 40 percent of India’s GDP. As if that wasn’t astonishing enough, this basin provides more than a third of the nation’s surface water, a vital resource, with a whopping 90 percent used for irrigation. Beyond its physical presence, the Ganga River carries a profound significance that resonates in every corner of India. It holds the esteemed title of our holiest river, intertwining our cultural and spiritual fabric. Revered as a living goddess, it has captivated hearts for centuries, drawing people from far and wide to the enchanting temples and ghats that adorn its banks. These sacred havens aren’t merely places of worship; they are tranquil sanctuaries where souls find solace, prayers take flight, and one can immerse themselves in the serene embrace of its purifying waters.

Pollution in the Ganga

Even with its legendary reputation and deep-rooted religious legacy, the Ganga finds itself grappling with significant pollution challenges that endanger its precious biodiversity and environmental balance. However, the unfortunate truth is that Ganga’s waters have become tainted, burdened by the continuous discharge of sewage and the vast quantities of solid and industrial waste generated by human activities and economic pursuits along its serene banks. Rapid population growth, coupled with unplanned urban development and industrial expansion, has taken a toll on the water quality.

Flowing through 50 major Indian cities, the mainstem of the Ganga witnesses the bustling lives of countless inhabitants. However, these very towns and cities collectively produce a staggering 3 billion liters of sewage every single day. Shockingly, only a small fraction of this sewage undergoes proper treatment before finding its way into the river. This influx of domestic sewage alone accounts for 70-80 percent of the wastewater that burdens the Ganga. On top of that, industrial pollutants contribute an additional 15 percent, carrying hazardous substances that pose threats to both human and aquatic well-being due to their toxic nature. As if this wasn’t disheartening enough, the absence of effective solid waste management in most cities leads to unsightly mounds of garbage, further exacerbating the pervasive pollution. 

Imagine a serene morning along the riverbanks, where devotees gather for a sacred dip. But instead of purity, they are greeted with the disheartening sight of untreated sewage flowing into the Ganga, tarnishing its pristine essence! 

The once-pristine Ganga now faces immense pressure and it’s high time that we join forces to tackle these issues in order to safeguard Ganga’s vitality for future generations to cherish. While the Ganga has shown remarkable resilience over the years, adapting to challenges and bouncing back, it desperately needs our collective effort to restore its glory. Introducing the incredible solution that is Happy Ganga! It embodies the sanctity and purity of our holy river, on a mission to cleanse not just the Ganga, but all our precious rivers. Allow us to unveil how this game-changer works.

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