Done with the grocery list? Uh-Oh, take a long hard look!

Question: Ever thought where did our childhood demons go when they left from under the bed?

Could they now be in your disinfectant?

In its plain waters, smelling all clean and promising holy.

Giving your health, but only half-baked.

Parents, now could be the time to use some intervention.

Your floor cleaner as well as age-old ideas about health needs to go under the scanner. And then possibly right down the chute because the rules have long changed. If your guts and insides need probiotic drinks to stay in shape then who will hold the fort when the question of possible infection arises from outside? Because it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts anymore.

At Happy Ganga, we are in the detox mode.

Not just clean, but Monica Clean is the inside dope.

And who are we to question the Gellers? 

Our team has been fiddling with the recipe. And the classic light bulb moment happened. The grandma’s larder was consulted, lemon peels raided together with some jaggery, the aprons ruined but it was totally worth the mess. As the Great Bard said there has been much ado but this time it definitely is about something.


And breakthrough we had.

FUN FACT: Did you know there’s a bunch of bacteria in your neighborhood who are actually the good guys?!

FUNNER FACT: We convinced them to get on board with us and they did.

So, wanna stay in the pink of health?

Make notes, children. The class is in session!

Increasing studies have shown that the balance or imbalance of bacteria in your digestive system is linked to overall health and disease. But ever wondered, who should we pass the buck to if the toxins that attack us come from outside?

For this bit of the puzzle, we find human anatomy most useful that relies on natural bio enzymes to flush the bowels.

And so, we decided to build on the same logic. After all, what’s better than Gods’ own Design?

Happy Ganga concocts probiotic preparations that are 100% natural.

Every drop comes loaded with the goodness of antimicrobial action designed to break the muck down to the last stubborn atom.

Just as Doctor Probiotic helps balance the friendly bacteria in the deepest, darkest crannies of your intestines, so does our formula take care of the grime by fermenting citrus with jaggery and water in the ratio of 3:1:10 that cooks up perfect conditions for the good bacteria to multiply into an army and butcher the dirt.

At our cooking station, the team likes to scratch one solid layer extra. LITERALLY.  

The goal?

It is to provide verified home sanitisation services and top-tier health all rolled into one capped bottle.

So, what’s our trade secret? It is the relentless pursuit to stick to the homegrown and the basics. From the very start, our team had set out to curate a special mix of biology’s best.

To this end, Happy Ganga Probiotic floor cleaners and dishwash liquid are a batch of natural, non-toxic and non-allergic products, a complete godsent alternative for people with sensitive allergies and asthma who need the healthiest option in their homes.

Thus, bleach and ammonia are not our suppliers. Instead, the enzyme “Bromelain” is our queen bee on whose signal, the ingredients go medieval on stains and proteins, leaving zero chemical residues in its wake.

Besides this, we also went a little overboard with lysozyme and lipase and for good measure. Their combined synergies break down carbs and greasty fats. YES, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT.

However, busting toxins is not our only talent. At Happy Ganga, the motto is to break the stencil as we bring health in the most unorthodox fashion. We are completely vegan but nonetheless vehement on the germs. RED FLAGS AND HARD LIMITS! (refer SECTION 125 of the Happy Ganga Bible)

Happy Ganga cleaners are a one-stop destination to baby proof your apartment. In our playbook, contagious should only be your baby’s smile. The probiotic solution is a fast-acting solution on floors so your bundle of love can roll around freely and take its first steps hallowed in top-tier hygiene. Our wash liquid is especially made to encourage sustainable living, having filled with the same microbiomes that are found in edibles such as yoghurt.

Not just compatible with your kitchen, the product can easily clean countertops, appliances, door handles.

  • hard surfaces of tiles, marble, and granite- check!
  • soft surfaces of wood floors- check!
  • toilet seats, mold spores on shower curtains- check!
  • oil stains on utensils- check!
  • pet dander- check!

 You name it. We got it 🙂

Other features: Can also clean A CONSCIENCE and A PLANET 🙂

NEWS FLASH: Happy Ganga bottles offer a two for one deal.

With every bottle of Happy Ganga, you buy, we automatically make you a certified environmentalist.

Our selection of bio-enzymes cuts through the heavy buildup of drains and rivers, producing results that are only too fast and evident. The same dirty water after mopping floors and washing utensils also starts cleaning the drains and water bodies, upscaling your regular cleaning ritual by several notches. In just up to two weeks, your drains will start smelling fresh.

Bingo or DOUBLE BINGO? You do the math.

Clearly, we are not the sort who will rob Peter to pay Paul. For Happy Ganga, the deep-cleaning goes beyond the cookie-cutter algorithm. Our commitment runs deep, the clean freak gene deeper still.

So, the next time someone asks, “Who’ll do the dirty work?”

You know where to click, what to cart, who to trust.

Notification Alert: Health successfully placed.