Being Good, Doing Good. Redefine your Cleaning Mantra

Since the dawn of civilisation, man has been establishing settlements on the banks of rivers for a reason. Harappa, Mohenjo-daro, Mesopotamia, all flourished near majestic water bodies and made impacting history. So much so that their ruins bear testimony of the greatness of these life-giving rivers.

But why?

Have you ever thought why did Homo sapiens believed rivers were attractive locations to ensure better survival of their civilisation in the long run?

The answer lies in the life-sustaining elixir that river valleys provided to surrounding settlement clusters. The rivers acted as a reliable source of water for agriculture, drinking water, and made the land fertile for growing crops. Hence, it is no puzzler that Harappa (Indus-Sutlej), Ancient Egypt (the Nile), Mesopotamia (along the Tigris and Euphrates), and Chinese (Yellow River) civilisation were all societies that suckled on the daily sustenance of rivers to grow into sprawling settlements. As far as the eye could see.

So, if the architects of these great civilisations believed that rivers could make or break the health of their people, shouldn’t we, as enlightened members of the modern scientific age, make sure that we realign our notions about holistic cleaning by taking environmental and social hygiene into the equation.

In India, we honour the mighty Ganga for this very reason. The fact that it is the fount of life and vitality. Thus, it is no wonder that it is hallowed with great religious and cultural significance for the country and its people. So much so that, in some parts of the nation, the river is lovingly called “Ganga Maa” effectively assuming godlike proportions in the life of people due to its epic status.

However, Ganga and others in the league are facing numerous environmental issues due to pollution and the major sources of pollution is untreated sewage and runoffs from our kitchen drains. Bleach and ammonia in regular chemical cleaners plague not just the floors and utensils with harmful, synthetic residues, but also poison the rivers that are on the receiving end of this vicious cycle.

If we go by the civilisation theory, how can we imagine to advance as a modern civilisation if we continue lacing our rivers with poison and chemicals?

This pollution has caused a decline in water quality, which in turn, has dramatically and negatively impacted the health of people and aquatic life dependent on the river.

The environmental red flags are visible on the horizon and our usual head-in-the-sand response will no longer help.

At Happy Ganga, we are going completely proactive and probiotic. We believe that cleaning should be state-of-the-art, panoramic, and in line with the harmonies of our environment. As such, Happy Ganga has permanently done away with chemical ingredients, choosing instead to incorporate homegrown materials to keep the cleaning 100% natural and non-toxic in homes for your children, pets and family.

Happy Ganga offers a wide range of cleaning products, including dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, and hand wash to deliver 360-degree sanitization in your personal sanctuary. Its probiotic preparations are 100% eco-friendly and comes loaded with the goodness of antimicrobial action that dissolves the muck down to the last stubborn atom.

Just the way probiotics balance the good bacteria in your guts, so does Happy Ganga’s beneficial formula take care of your family’s overall health by fermenting citrus with jaggery and water in the ratio of 3:1:10. This special mixture cooks up perfect conditions for the good bacteria to multiply and then attack the enterprise.

Not just home cleaning, with Happy Ganga relieve your guilty conscience by also cleaning the environment on the side with its every purchase. This is because our selection of bio-enzymes is engineered to cut through the heavy buildup of drains and rivers.

Our vision?

It is that the dirty water you accumulate after mopping floors and washing your dishes with Happy Ganga cleaners starts cleaning the drains and water bodies owing to its probiotic composition. We want to upscale regular cleaning ritual by making use of the remains so that our environment doesn’t always get the short end of the stick.

Now clean your house, then clean your rivers on the go. Kill two birds with one stone. In just up to two weeks, not only will your drains start smelling fresh, but also your conscience.

At Happy Ganga, we’ve not lost touch with our roots. For us, health is holistic, something that should go from inside to outside, from personal to social to environment at last.

Our motto is “Being Good, Doing Good” as we encapsulate a version of health that functions on multiple levels. Your one step towards Healthy Families and Happy Rivers can bring a revolution in the way health and cleaning is viewed.

At Happy Ganga, we reap what we sow and our conscious intention is to sow and feed only the best to our drains and rivers. This is the investment in health that will bring you manifold returns. Get Happy Ganga to reimagine a world where water is life, and your health is rife.